Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: a perspective...

2010 already and it does give reason to pause and consider time gone by. Apparently, an eastern school of thought suggests that the past, present & the future all exist in one dimension, as in, it all took place in an instant, like a poloroid photograph, it's just our awareness of events which gives us the linear aspect of time & sequence.

The human being is an interesting animal mostly because he/she as it appears has been tasked with the responsibility of safegaurding the habitat. So where is it appropriate to start for anyone who is conscientious enough?

"Taking care of ourselves" is a way to go and taking care of the ones we love follows. Every individual they say exists with a preference to three aspects without delving into the basis of "selfishness";
a personal life
a professional life &
a social life (interdependence)

We function to meet certain obligations,commitments and sometimes aspirations of self more than that of others. Structures & frameworks exist to facilitate a certain existence and I'am convinced that the only permanent aspect of life is "change" although I worry about it's pace, so i've decided to write in a media which I understand better than others & call it my new year's "resolve".

All of us experience change in some form and deal with it from a conditioned or educated perspective given our resources, whatever they may be.How we perceive our past is evident in our present and the "now" defines the future.

"Limited resources & unlimited wants & needs" makes us consider distribution of population and resources and I really would like to know how much we spend in $ terms to motivate and/or manage issues based in anger & fear, answers anyone???
How much of it is really valid & how much of it is based on lack of information or education? Prioritisation obviously takes precedence in the wheel we've created. World events as it appears seems cyclical although the odd precedents
or aberrations stand out which when observed, gives life as much meaning as we invest in it.

An expensive war at Iraq & Afghanistan, followed by the recession & election of the first black man as President of the US of A. We have Capitalism in the former USSR,a better unified Europe,a new Pope, fantastic real-time information exchange capability in "unified communications" and a redefined "Iron curtain" in the rise of China as a "super-power". Anyone notice a pattern here? We seem to have an attachment to "patterns" and strive for the "familiar". From a Cold-war dual super-power era we progressed to finding the EU as a possible alternative to negate the effects of a single-super power (both economic and military) scenario and now hopefully a stable 3-tier system as in the new world (eg. USA) the old world ( of Europe) and the neo-riche or tiger economies (eg. China, India & so on). Things sure have changed in the last 40yrs I've been alive.

More questions that arise are;
What are the responsibilities of the developed world and do we owe the 3rd world enough to alleviate "poverty"?
Is "upskilling" an option with requisite elementary control measures in place, if so, how do we go about reinforcing that?
Do we have sufficient case studies to qualify & quantify? I don't have the answers nor am I in a position to regulate, so decided to watch & glean from the following;
An inconvenient truth - Al Gore
The Camarena Story

HAPPY 2010.

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