Saturday, January 9, 2010

Article 6 (Patriot Act)

Sometime in 2003-04 I came across an IT Manager in an online forum who made a comment about how he might have to respond to his 5yr old when old enough to ask “where were you dad, when they took away privacy from the internet?”. That message hit home & stuck because I've got a little one of my own now and need to prepare for some difficult questions ahead.

The ubiquitous nature of the internet has tested jurisdictional laws surrounding nation states and the aftermath of 9/11 has left many questions unanswered. We live in a world today which has become smaller not only because of technology but because work ethics globally are getting increasingly diverse in their ethnicity. Multi-cultural work forces are strategic tools for big business and likely to help facilitate change in this information age of “digital democracy”. I would like to believe that avoiding diffficult issues is only going to cause more problems in the future, so here's an effort to addressing some of them.

Any breach of the Charter of the United Nations or its purposes and principles is usually a cause of concern and requires judicious introspection. Some of the issues featured in the media nowadays raise more questions than answers and the moral “blame game” is rather obvious. I tried a Google search to find answers for the following;

• Does a single Country have jurisdictional control over all IP (internet protocol) addresses the world over?
• What lessons has invocation of Article 6 post 9/11 taught us and what kind of future have we got planned ?
• Have all responsible “public opinion representatives” honestly articulated these in public forums & can they afford to given recent events?
• How does supporting “roaming users” effect jurisdictional aspects of an “electronic Government”?
• Does “violation of privacy” in a work place or outside of it mean that an evolved “digital democracy” will expel the persistent offender from its frameworks of operation?

Assimilating into a new culture or work ethic is not simple as most of us who have attempted it would know. It requires commitment & trust is a prerequisite. To expect sustainable outcomes we need to honestly review motives and actions in order to transcend both past & present with due respect for individual prerogative. Is this possible or are all “positional opinion makers” going to continue skirting the issues & sweeping it under the carpet? I'am aware that there are no easy answers, but the politics of this game must effect the reconstruction of the economy & industry by social techniques for progress.

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