Friday, May 14, 2010


There's nothing really wrong with "Religion, Science or Spirituality" in itself, things start to go wrong when we add people to the mix...

& then there's this omnipotent argument that there "should be" or "should not be" separation between Church/Religion & State... How does a person/individual within the framework of a State or Religion avoid the existence of a personal identity? "Death" seems to be the only way to the casual observer, however, do we strive to transcend our identity in any way, shape or form? If we do attempt to transcend then "why" & "what outcomes" do we hope to achieve ?

The 3 questions of religious tradition according to Confucianism are :
1.) What is wrong with people as individuals or as a group ?
2.) What ideal state should people seek (salvation, enlightenment, moral perfection or the perfect society) ?
3.) What means should people use to tranform from a "flawed state" to a "more perfect state" ?

Does "infinity" really exist & if it does, how do we go about attempting to manifest it? If all matter is some form of "energy" which mutates, as in, transforms from one form to the other & we also say that energy can be measured...then, where's the meeting point between Science (let's hypothesise that Science defines God as "non-manifest" or "manifest" energy) & Religion ?

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