Friday, March 27, 2015


Ready for this week to start winding down? Joshua Tree National Park is home to two species of sidewinders, the Mojave Desert Sidewinder and the Colorado Desert Sidewinder. These animals' unique style of locomotion helps them move on sandy slopes. Reptiles are especially well suited for life in the desert because they require relatively little water and can get all they need from the food that they eat. Some snakes may go their entire lives without ever taking a drink of liquid water.Wild animals don't know to look both ways before crossing the street, so pay extra attention while driving in the park. What may look like a branch lying on the road could be one of any of the park's 25 species of snakes soaking up some late afternoon sun on the warm pavement. All animals at Joshua Tree National Park are protected--never try to touch or pick up a snake.[NPS/Sarah Jane Pepper; Nine second clip of a sidewinder making it's way across the road]

Posted by Joshua Tree National Park on Thursday, 26 March 2015

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